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Becoming the Conscious Co-Creator

Located in Howick, Midlands

Email: simonef.dupreez@gmail.com

Tel: 0673722717

Holistic Life Coaching

Deciding to work with a coach is making the statement that you value yourself to the point of investing in rapid growth toward transformation. If you are not yet ready for the Conscious Co-Creator Program, shorter programs have been established to focus on smaller areas of concern in your current experience.

The core principles of my practice are self-love, self-acceptance and above all, self-knowledge. Through truly knowing who we are, we break down all the barriers that block us from creating the life we deeply desire.

When working with me, you can expect to dive to the core of all that is keeping you from achieving your highest potential, unlocking and unblocking those barriers. Together we establish actionable steps to continue discovering the authentic you between and after our sessions.

Reiki/Intuitive Energy Healing

Using the original lineage of the Usui Reiki method along with my background in chakra balancing, meditation and metaphysical practices, I incorporate a number of modalities into your reiki healing session. Specifically focusing on removing any energy blockages, allowing you to feel more energised, grounded and balanced in your daily life.

Sessions are done in person as well as through distance healing methods over Zoom.

Hatha Yoga

A Classic Hatha Yoga framework taught through an Ayurvedic lens by my teachers at Ayurveda Yoga Academy, Daegu, South Korea. This practice aims to unify the body, mind and spirit.

In person classes, online classes, and private coaching sessions are available.