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GROUND PILATES – The HealthruMovement

Located in Midlands

Email: ground.pilates@gmail.com

Tel: 0726323642

GROUND Pilates offers classes for the individual, a duet or a group in the Midlands.

The key to pilates movement is to move with purpose. Using core principles of Joseph Pilates, some of which focus on precision, control, breath, awareness and harmony, helps individuals move better off the mat in daily life. Mat Pilates, using pure body weight, teaches an individual stability and mobility, length and strength, effective and efficient breathing – all which enhances functionality!

With slow, controlled, mindful movement, strength is built, leaving the body feeling firm and intact, as well as creating a powerful body-mind connection. With expansive and proper breathing, not only does it help with oxygenating the body and mind, but also enhances a calm, energized and grounded feeling for one.

Movement on the mat, makes movement off the mat so much more enjoyable!

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Mat Pilates Group Class for you and a friend.
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Valid until 30 November 2023. Only available at The House at 9 Studio.
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