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Karkloof Canopy Tour and forest grounding walks

Located in Karkloof

Email: info@karkloofcanopytour.co.za

Tel: 0762412888

Why come Ziplining or walking in the Karkloof Forest.

1. You’ll get fresh air –Open-air environments such as the Karkloof Mist belt forest cleanse toxins from the respiratory system, which allows your body to function more efficiently and boost its immune system.

2. It’s a stress reducer –if you’ve ever ziplined before, you’ll know that it’s an absorbing experience that quickly takes your focus away from the problems and worries of everyday life.

3. Increases self esteem – Once you’ve conquered our ziplines, you’ll feel proud of your accomplishment, which is a natural self-esteem booster.

4. You’ll build stronger relationships – Ziplining is an exciting and emotional experience you can share with your family and friends.

5. Adrenaline rush –Such a rush will temporarily boost your energy, increase your strength and decrease sensitivity to pain. Psychologically, it’s a great spur to take on even more new challenges.

6. Piques curiosity – Ziplining naturally instills a sense of adventure

7. Lowers blood pressure – Ziplining is good for the heart.

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