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ReRooted Permaculture experience and Farmstays

Located in Sakabuka country estate, Merrivale Heights

Email: Manishashah139@gmail.com

Tel: 0721297130

Born out of a dream to produce tasty, chemically free food, ReRooted Permaculture began by growing a few vegetables on the patio to feed our family. Taking the first few steps to becoming self sufficient, our veggies quickly spread to the back yard, with over 1 hectare now being seeded.
We continue to be guided by our initial dream, so we produce fresh vegetables and adding value to our produce for all to taste.
With the passage of time, we continue to take steps to depend less and less on commercial products. We have begun to raise our own chickens, ducks and pigs in pastures, allowing them to forage for most of their requirements.