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Welcome to the Wellness Association – Aimed at becoming South Africa’s leading wellbeing resource for like minded retreat goers, venues, and wellness practitioners  to meet.

Here you can search for natural health practitioners, healing solutions, events, workshops, courses, products, articles and advice.

Living your best life means taking a holistic approach. It’s about paying attention to how you spend your time, what you eat, how you feel, and what you do to keep it all working together. Think of us as your dedicated networking platform and research library – designed to heal, inspire and uplift. 

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Antbear retreat venue in the Drakensberg


Shiv-Shakti Kundalini at Antbear Lodge in Drakensberg

  • Starting: 03.03.2023
  • to :05.03.2023

One very concerning thing Bhisma Devi noticed in her practice with working with thousands of individuals is that, they go through an Kundalini Awakening through their own meditation, yoga or other spiritual sources but after the Kundalini Awakening is active, they dont receive the guidance they require to understand their journey or the unusual experiences which unfold thereafter. Often losing their way after. Especially the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra are extremely powerful portals to spiritual dimensions, but little do many people realize how intense these experiences can become without the guidance of a teacher. A masterful Kundalini Facilitator is one who will not only protect your journey, ground it in light and peace but also one who can give you the knowledge you need to understand your non-physical experiences well after the Awakening. This way it is a pleasant journey to your optimal state instead of a disturbing and disruptive one. Bhisma Devi teaches Kundalini based on how it was first recorded when the Hindu God Shiva taught it to His first disciple. Also when Parvati, his wife embarked on her own Kundalini Awakening and the details from ancient texts of the nature of Chakras… For example,, did you know that the Heart Chakra is actually a black color and not green? In this course we will re-visit all the Chakras, Practice Meditation and Experience a Kundalini Process. I will share wisdom, experiences and insights seldom known about Kundalini. What I am most proud of is that in all my years not only has every single participant had a beautiful awakening but that they have become a loyal client once awakened. And are still growing stronger everyday.

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