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Ready to get involved in the Midlands Wellness Festival?
List your wellness related offering/activity or event here.

Before you get started on filling out this form, please prepare the following:

1. “Listing name” is your business/brand/practitioner name, you can include the name of your offering or activity. eg: “Joe Soap’s – Drumming Up Stillness

2. “Short Description” is TIME, DATE, LOCATION and COST

3. “Full Description” needs to have more than 50 words. there’s no limit to how many words. This describes your  business practice, not your festival event (festival info is gathered later in the form)

4. Select a Wellness Indicator and Category from the options provided.

5. Prepare a little tagline that tells our wellness consumers what makes your offering unique

6. The next few fields are your general contact details.

7. Now you add event info. Let us know if you would like to be add an event or special offer to the Midlands Wellness Festival in June-July.

8. Please add three square photos. No bigger than 200KB please. Recommended size is 300px X 300px.

Please choose the wellness category that best applies to your circumstances. If you would like to list in more than 1 category your will need to submit multiple listings

1 or 2 sentences explaining what you think makes your offering/activity a great choice for the wellness consumer.

Your email is required because all enquiries for your services are sent directly to you

Enter your telephone number in the format 0831234567. Please provide your WhatsApp number because enquiries for your services are also sent to you via WhatsApp.

If you have a website or Facebook page enter the URL here. The traffic can link through and see what you offer and make a booking.

If you take online bookings please add your booking url here.

Please enter the region you are located in and around the KZN Midlands.

This is up to you. If you decide you would like to add a giveaway it will be displayed on your page. You will draw the winner yourself after the wellness festival. The biggest reason for this is that all competition entries will be sent to you which means you will be extending your own marketing database.

The choice of what you giveaway is yours. Make it a bottle of wine or a giveaway of the service that you supply. The better the prize the more entries you will get. Just clear as to what you are giving away.

enter the value of the giveaway


Add the T&Cs of your giveaway. eg. subject to availability. weekdays only etc. Best to also include for how long the giveaway will be valid for.

Choose a question as part of your competition giveaway. Doing this will either give you data that you will be able to use later for better marketing.


What is this about?

This is a community event designed to promote wellness and wellbeing. It is hosted by a number of different people throughout the KZN Midlands. 

Who can list?

If you are a wellness practitioner or if you operate a business (in an way related to wellness) or a supporting services. 

How it works!

  • Listing is free of charge and free of any commission
  • To be included in the Midlands Wellness Festival, individual practitioners pay R150 and businesses pay R250. This is an admin and marketing fee. Funds generated go back into marketing and supporting the event.
  • The only condition is that your business has to have a connection to wellness or support a wellness service for example: accommodation, healthy living, retail, activities in nature etc.
  • When you list, you can add a prize giveaway from your business, if you chose to. 
  • You receive a dedicated listing space to share  your information and  generate more interest in your business 
  • Your terms and conditions for your giveaway can set by yourself and your team.