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50 - 300 words describing your activity/workshop or event offered

The dates and start times of the event that you intend hosting.

Email address (use the same as the one provided for your Business Listing if you have one)

Phone Number (use the same as the one provided for your Business Listing if you have one)

This is a to the point description of what you offer with max 100 characters that will go inside the festival event program

How should clients book with you? They will book directly with you and pay you directly. You can enter a WhatsApp number, cell number, website, or email. Or even more than one contact method.

Physical Address and directions if it is tricky to find.

What is the cost involved for this wellness experience or service offered? Also what the cost includes.

This is an incentive opportunity for you to get attract more business. By offering a discount or a giveaway to clients you would most likely drive more feet through your door


What is an event?

An event is an activity you are offering for the festival. You can list as many events as you like. The events each have a date and time and they are automatically added to the festival calendar

Please use the same email address and tel no you used to register your directory listing. Doing that will link you events back to your business.

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