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Debbie Raw

Located in Howick


Tel: 0724763056

I have been a kinesiologist for over 25yrs

Kinesiology is a system of muscle testing protocols to find imbalances on a physical, emotional , mental and meridian system and correct according to the individuals specific requirements , acknowledging family constellations and their genetic potential for dis-ease

N.O.T.-Neuro Organization Technique is a chiropractic system of working from head muscles to the toes of the body. Reducing old contraction patterns, both soft and hard trauma, that restrict our locomotive system. N.O.T. also focuses on organ systems and glands. A wonderful rewiring of circuits.

TRE- Trauma/Tension Stress Release exercises. Amazing system of exercises to restore our innate ability to tremor                                        ( neurogenic tremors)and reduce accumulated hard and soft trauma. TRE gets us out of the adrenaline charged fight , flight , freeze and shame and blame. TRE is used by American and Australian military to de-stress,  Tre can be done individually or as a family friend group.

Exploring your blood type and first aids to improve health