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Howick Physical Therapy

Located in Howick

Email: xabasabelo1@yahoo.com

Tel: 0787639132

Howick Physical therapy is a newly opened practice run by Sabelo Xaba. He has two offices in Howick, on in Howick West, and One located opposite Lenmed Hospital in Howick.

The practitioner studied Naturology through healing hands academy, and holds an internationaly recognised certificate in Naturology. The practitioner also studied Chiropractic at the Durban University of Technology, he however only holds a Btech in Chiropractic.

The practice is focused on treating patients who suffer from Back pain, Neck pain, persistent headaches, and Hip, Knee, Shoulder or ankle conditions. He also gives nutritional advice and counseling. The practice is also ideal for people who are recovering from sports injuries, who need rehabilitation.