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Mandy Crooks – Iyengar Yoga

Located in Howick


Tel: 0845305281

Most people are aware of the physical aspect of Yoga. Some of the benefits being improved strength, flexibility, circulation, digestion and bone density. Yoga asanas (postures), if done correctly can effect the practitioner on many other levels. Yoga brings steadiness not only to the body but also to the mind. It not only brings physical health but mental health too. Willpower, control, focus, patience, determination and courage being some of the mental attributes that can be cultivated. Awareness of how you do your poses can bring insight into how you approach your life.

When doing Iyengar Yoga, each part of the body is specifically placed to bring the proper result or effect of the pose. And each pose when held, has specific benefits and results. When one brings focused awareness to the body and breath there is a calm and quiet that comes to the brain which effects the mind, which in turn has an effect on the spirit.

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