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Located in Howick

Email: jessicadreamtime@gmail.com

Tel: 0828020005

Nature doesn’t need healing – we do.

To re-wild basically means to come back to your natural state, which implies balance, health and contentment. The therapeutic side of it is being outdoors, in nature, getting in touch with who you really are.

A medicine walk starts with intention setting, slowing down, grounding, centring, tuning into the senses and silent walking which then leads into a therapeutic process. This is followed by quite time alone in nature and ends with a cup of tea and inspired reflection. Extended experience includes hiking and camping out.


A silent walk with a therapeutic process included: The process (constellations, EFT, parts art) depending on what is required. 3-4hours, 16yrs and over.

Forest Therapy: Silent Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) inspired walks to special places. Including mindful movement, Qi Gong, tea and picnic optional (3-4hr)

Pre-DawnWalks: 3-4 hr Silent walks and solitaire time, to cleanse your mind (16years and over)

We also offer

SPA SAFARI –  Rustic, natural, outdoor, spa type experience, day retreats

MOVEMENT MEDICINE – Conscious dance and Qi Gong

FAMILY AND BUSINESS CONSTELLATIONS and other therapeutic process’s

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