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Quantum Healing (Yolande du Toit)

Located in Howick


Tel: 0727729766

Transformational Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state induced by the therapist whereby the body is completely relaxed and the mind is clear and focussed. This state enhances neuro-plasticity and enables you to transform any part/-s of your life that do not fulfil you or bring you joy.

In a Transformational Hypnosis session, you will clearly define the areas of your life that you wish to transform. You will notice the thought patterns and subsequent behaviour that has created the reality you are living right now. And then we will go through a process where you define the Who, What, Where that you wish to transform into.

During the hypnotic state, you will proceed to transform your reality by  entering into the zero point field and shifting your vibrational state. In the zero point field, all possibilities exist and you will proceed to step into your highest available potential.


One of the fallacies regarding hypnosis is that you have no control over what happens to you while in hypnosis – this is a myth.  During a hypnosis session you are always in control. The unique approach of Quantum Hypnosis is that you access your own self-healing abilities. As far and as deep as you are willing to let go, that is how far and deep the healing process will go for you.

Quantum hypnosis is a process whereby the subconscious mind is accessed in order to release deep-rooted beliefs that create undesirable patterns in your life.

During a session you might regress to past life experiences, or experiences in this life time. Either way, this will be to help you understand the recurring patterns that play out in your current lifetime. And also provide insight into how to change or dissolve these patterns.

Then we move on to a conversation with your Subconscious when we ask the questions you have prepared. The Subconscious is the part of you that has been with you all your life. It is also the bridge between this physical-life-experience and the Wisdom of the Soul that is ready to assist and support us through all and any life-experiences and provide us with a higher perspective and Awareness of ourselves.

Reiki and energy healing sessions

We are so much more than our physical bodies. We are more than the programming of our minds. We are able, by doing the inner work, to transform our realities and to access our highest available timelines.

It’s all a matter of resonance.

Reiki is an energy healing modality which harnesses the universal life force energy (chi) that exists all around us and channels it to the body’s energy system (the chakras) to assist with healing by activating the body’s own innate ability to heal, rejuvenate and restore itself. Reiki transcends time and space and is practiced over long distances without any disturbance in the quality of the energy channeled.

Reiki not only works on a physical level, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually and assists with releasing deep-held trauma stored in the emotional body; calming the overthinking mental body; activating the soul star- and crown chakras for deeper connection to the Higher Self, accessing spiritual insights and higher wisdom available to each one of us and as is appropriate to understand at the time. This is merely a description in a nutshell – there are many more benefits to experience in a Reiki attunement and each experience is unique.

 I also intuitively  incorporate other energy practices (such as guided relaxation & breathing,  acupressure point activations, etc.) to assist with the healing journey as is appropriate.



In a dreamwork session, we address the following questions:

Why do we dream?

Where do dreams come from?

Why are feelings so intense in dreams?

Can we decode and transform our dreams?

Can we transform ourselves in our dreams?

Why don’t I dream?

What are dream symbols & dream guides?

Are dreams dangerous?

What is Lucid Dreaming?

In greater society today, the value and importance of dreams are often undermined and dreamers ridiculed, and yet many magnificent  discoveries were made during Dreamtime. The periodic table (Dmitri Mendeleev), the atomic structure of benzene (August Kekulé), mathematical proofs (Srinivasa Ramanujan) -as a few examples- were all seen in dreams.

We will discuss different kinds of dreams and gain an understanding of the nature & meaning of our dreams.

You will be safely guided back into your own dream to meet your Dream Guide & to ask The Dream questions to find the understanding that you need right now.

Join me to find what your dreams are revealing to you and learn how to navigate your dream world to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the life you are living.

ALL Sessions are conducted with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

I look forward to support you on this journey we call Life.




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