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Therm-OZONE Clinical Thermography

Located in Hilton & Howick


Tel: 0828286778

LYNNE BOYES My venture into the world of thermal imaging and Ozone therapy springs from a deeply personal journey, one marked by trials and a fierce determination to reclaim my health. At 19, I faced the daunting challenge of a fractured spine in three places. Just two years later, a collision with a drunk driver left me with injuries to my head, neck, chest, and legs. Migraines became an unwelcome companion, erasing whole days from my memory. Then, in 2008, an embolism struck, a consequence of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) wreaking havoc on my heart. Ablation surgery followed, but my resilient heart quickly found its own bypass. The relentless battle against SLE, heart issues, and DCIS in one breast persisted for years, until a pivotal decision to transition from pharmaceuticals to alternative therapies changed everything.

Ozone Therapy and Thermography became my newfound allies in my fight for health and vitality. Through these transformative practices, I discovered a path to healing that resonated with my body in a way that conventional treatments never had.

More and more women are including thermograms into their annual check-ups, recognizing that “An Ounce of Prevention, is Worth a Pound of Cure”. It’s a privilege to share the effectiveness and accessibility of these therapies with others, knowing that they too can find their path to healing and renewed vitality.

I ran my practice for 8 years, from Weleda Pharmacy, Pineslopes in Fourways and recently relocated to Hilton KZN. Now, as a dedicated Certified Clinical Thermographer and Ozone practitioner, my mission is to empower women with important information that will motivate them to embrace healthy life-style choices, and thereby preventing or alerting them to the early development of disease.

WHAT IS BREAST THERMOGRAPHY? Breast Thermography is a Non-Contact, Non-Invasive, Non-Radioactive imaging technology and is a test of function and not structure; it sees how the body is reacting to structural problems. The use of thermography in breast imaging allows for the detection of risky thermal patterns, which indicate the body is not functioning properly. Thermograms monitor vascularity and growth of blood vessels and visualise the physiological processes in the body. Thermography plays a crucial role by highlighting inflammation, a precursor to many diseases.

Thermography is not a stand-alone test and you will most likely use other tests to confirm what is being seen in the thermograms.

WHY SHOULD WOMEN HAVE THERMOGRAMS? Breast Thermography will look for signs that there may be abnormal functions in the breasts. Identifying these signs and knowing about them will enable a better understanding of what is happening in the breasts. By understanding this concept, Breast Thermography can be used as a monitoring, early detection, and prevention tool.