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Moontree Organics

Located in Zuvuya Mountain Sanctuary, Dargle, KZN Midlands


Tel: 0720843555

Owner, Kaz Wilson, producer/formulator of the organic & natural Moontree Product range. A horticulturist, growing medicinal plants with Dael Lithgow at the magical Zuvuya Mountain Sanctuary, Upper Dargle. Kaz is a passionate wild forager of weeds/superfoods as well as edible/medicinal plants, both wild and cultivated. Kaz, a Nutritionist (Therapeutic Food Management/Health Support) believes in the of Hippocrates Oath of Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food. She facilitates the Grow a New Body program, inspired by Dr Alberto Villoldo as well incorporating other doctors influences and will share with you the secrets to ultimately healing yourself!
She weaves this together with being out in nature, connecting to what is naturally available to us, reconnecting to plants that have been forgotten and that can nourish and heal us. Kaz discovered yoga in 2002 and has been on this journey since then, now a Level II Iyengar Yoga teacher & mentor for KZN teachers in training. She weaves together the gift of Yoga with the elements of nature and mindful food preparation, she’ll take you on a wild, delicious, super-nutrition adventure for mind, body and soul. True nourishment. Follow Kaz on social media and look out for retreats, Kitchen/nutrition workshops, programs, classes etc.

After all, our innate ability is to heal ourselves …

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