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Jacqui Meyer – Burnout Coach for Women

Located in Howick

Email: hello@jacquimeyer.com

Tel: 0833276698

My mission is to help women suffering from burnout recover and
live in their brilliance.

I help women understand why they burnt out in the first place and identify what factors contributed to this time in their life.

Together we can then create sustainable habits to speed up their recovery towards living a happy and thriving life without the worry of relapse, to live in their brilliance.

I understand what you are going through.

Personally, I suffered from burnout and adrenal fatigue and I am proud to say that I am fully recovered and through this experience and time in my life,
I have developed systems to ensure I will never relive this experience again.

Now it is my mission to make sure that no other women have to go through this alone.

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