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Pure Pathways

Located in Pietermaritzburg


Tel: 0827712416

Discover the essence of why journaling is a profound self-development practice. Learn the nuances of journaling, its supportive role through life phases and transitions. Identify the personalized type of journaling suited for your present state. Maximize your journaling process through learned methods. Gain actionable ideas to implement in your life. Access empowering tools and resources to amplify positive results. Master the art of using a journaling routine to navigate life’s diverse phases.


Workshop includes: 3 Hr workshop

Online Course

8 modules self study on Pure Pathways Empowerment and learning Portal

30 day daily email navigation guide

Beginners Journal printable including Affirmations & Journal prompts

A themed journal printable of your choice from an amazing array of topics to deepen your process and enhance your experience while ensuring actionable steps are incorporated to activate and amplify the benefits of a journaling practice

Daily exercises resources and practices to develop your journaling skills


Q&A support

Facebook Group

Pathways Portal community access and benefits

3 added value ebooks

3 added value webinars around your journaling journey