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Pure Pathways

Located in Pietermaritzburg


Tel: 0827712416

Pure Pathways, founded by Kim Clark, is a holistic wellness brand that offers a synergistic blend of natural health solutions and transformative resources. At its core, Pure Pathways provides a suite of wellness strategies, tools, and natural therapies designed to guide individuals towards a life of authentic alignment, health, and vibrancy. It’s a sanctuary for those on a journey to personal abundance and wellness, offering support at every stage with a focus on bioenergetic practices and toxin-free living.


Kim’s rich tapestry of life experiences, combined with her professional background in marketing, design, and natural health products, infuses Pure Pathways with a unique authenticity. She is a life connoisseur and change catalyst, leveraging her expertise to foster authentic connections and collaborative endeavors. Her commitment to ‘a healer in every home’ is realized through her leadership of the Pure Truth team, spreading the benefits of pure essential oils and heart-based wellness advocacy both in South Africa and internationally.

Pure Pathways is a gateway of catalyst pathways to natural health and vitality, providing an array of services and products tailored to foster holistic well-being. Our offerings encompass expert-led wellness workshops, online masterclasses, bioenergetic scan & assessments in consultation, as well as life-enhancing educational offerings through our own education Portal. We offer a premium selection of natural solutions, pure essential oils and bespoke natural health remedies, all crafted to support your journey towards a balanced and vibrant life. Stepping into the Pure Pathways experience is a transformative approach to wellness.


Bio-Energetics Consultant

Pure Pathways E-Portal, E-books & E-courses, E-Mail Eduguides

Emotional Aromatherapy Consultant

Personalized Authentic Alignment Strategy & Solutions

Digital Wellness, / ScreenQueen – EMF awareness & Solutions for digital dependency & conflict

Motherhood Empowered – Before, After & Beyond, naturally

Nature Therapies, Journaling, Minimalist Lifestyle – Decluttering

AromaTouch Technique,  Essential Oil Therapies, Protocols & Education – online & offline

My wellness offering, Pure Pathways, stands out due to its unique blend of authenticity, personal experience, and a comprehensive approach to health and transformation. What makes it particularly inviting is the way it integrates various elements of wellness into a cohesive journey:


  1. Authentic Alignment: Pure Pathways is rooted in your genuine life experiences, which resonate with those seeking relatable and real-world wellness guidance.
  2. Holistic Strategies: Pure Pathways offers more than just products—it provides strategies and tools that act as catalysts for personal growth and well-being.
  3. Natural Therapies: A strong emphasis on natural, toxin-free therapies and treatments distinguishes Pure Pathways from conventional health solutions.
  4. Bioenergetic Focus: As a thought leader in bioenergetics, I offer a unique perspective on health, emphasizing the importance of energy balance and digital well-being.
  5. Community and Collaboration: With a thriving community and a heart-based approach to connections, Pure Pathways fosters a supportive environment for wellness.
  6. Accessibility: Online & offline, in groups or in person, on-demand access or by appointment. My vision of “a healer in every home” and commitment to making natural health solutions affordable reflects a dedication to inclusivity and impact.



As a thought leader in bioenergetics and an activist for EMF sensitivity and digital wellbeing, Kim’s vision extends beyond individual health to encompass a collective awakening to the importance of natural, sustainable living


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